Summer Savings

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The following post is courtesy of our guest blogger, Ruth Ann Spears. You’ve been waiting all year for this month! The sun is out and you’re ready to kick back … Read More

Krista MazalSummer Savings

When Your Loan Outlives Your Car

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Do you cross your fingers each time you get behind the wheel – just hoping to hear a vroom rather than a sputter when you turn the key? If you … Read More

Krista MazalWhen Your Loan Outlives Your Car

Is Orlando Frugal?

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With our luxury malls and numerous theme parks, Orlando made the cut? That’s right! Even with all the temptation, we are frugal and save our hard earned dollars. Click here … Read More

Krista MazalIs Orlando Frugal?

Clean the World

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Clean the World

Let’s put our (clean) hands together for our crewmembers! We got a little dirty to help Clean the World. After two hours, thousands of soap bars and other bottled amenities … Read More

Krista MazalClean the World