ATM Safety Tips

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ATMs provide great convenience by giving us access to our money 24/7. Beware! ATMs are also a target for swindlers! How’s a savvy shopper to protect themselves from the frustration … Read More

Krista MazalATM Safety Tips


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What are you saving for? College, a new car, a trip to Paris? Share your savings photo with us and you could win $250 to put toward your goal!  Be … Read More

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Impower Toy Workshop

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Oh what fun we had working in Impower’s Toy Workshop for an afternoon! With the holidays right around the corner, we got to work sorting, wrapping, and bundling presents. In … Read More

Krista MazalImpower Toy Workshop

Save Your Raise!

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It’s almost here! You’ve been perfecting your negotiation skills all year for this moment. Raise time! Are you dreaming about traveling to foreign lands or upgrading your ride? Stop! Let’s … Read More

Krista MazalSave Your Raise!

Dear First Time Homebuyer,

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I was taught the importance of sharing years ago. However, I was done sharing my condo walls with strangers. After suffering through another night of elephants stampeding overhead, I made … Read More

Krista MazalDear First Time Homebuyer,

The Extra Paycheck

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If you are on a bi-weekly pay schedule, twice a year something amazing happens. Three paychecks get deposited into your account! When that third paycheck hits your account, you jump … Read More

Krista MazalThe Extra Paycheck